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Important!  Before downloading any of the Trax software, please be sure you have read and accept the terms of the license.

Trax was developed on a Squeak 3.9 image with Freetype fonts and Pinesoft Widgets loaded.  The Trax UI tools make use of the Pinesoft widgets (so if you are porting to other squeak dialects, you might need to load those widgets or be prepared for some involved UI work).  If I am not mistaken, the Pinesoft widgets are available here (and may have been renamed to Polymorph).

The raw file outs for Trax are (useful for porting to other squeak variants):
I've also created a prebuilt image and changes file with Trax loaded and ready to use:
You will need to download the VM and sources files to use the prebuilt image.  The 3.9 distribution is available here.  Note, on my Mac system, I have had issues opening this image with some versions of the VM.  I have been able to successfully use this VM.